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Author by: Ian Valenzon
www.swoped.comClutter can make our lives miserable. It can cloud our thinking and most of the time it can be annoying. It can make us tired and lethargic. There are some reasons why we do not want to start cleaning up the mess. Mostly due to laziness, and oftentimes we are hesitant to give up things because of personal value.

Experts can tell us a lot about clutter. They say it has enormous impacts on us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Cleaning our homes and office frees the energy and releases fresh vitality in our mind and body. It elevates our efficiency and allows us to be able to better concentrate. In business, it can cause us lost opportunities, lost clients and eventually lost in profit. At home, it can result to accidents, limit in space, and contribute to inefficiencies.

Some of the items we consider clutter at home and in the office are:

  • Old and unused computer units
  • Unused appliances and electronic gadgets
  • Old furniture in the stockroom
  • Papers and cardboards
  • Unused clothing
  • Woods and iron
  • Old cars
  • Many more

We might want to consider also the economic value that cleaning out can give. These are some productive ways to get rid of our clutter.

We can give it away to charitable organization. Some organizations are freely accepting donations in kind other than cash. They can sell these stuffs in their thrift stores and convert it to cash for the benefits of the less fortunate individuals or groups. Also think of other organizations for your old stuff like books and magazines. Your local library or a nursing home might want to use these. Just be creative and check your local community.

Sell Old Items online. There are some avenues we can use online for our unused items like electronic gadgets, appliances, cars and office equipment. Online auction sites are the popular ones. You can list your belongings for a minimal fee and attempt to find a buyer. Make sure to be honest about the specifics of your items, or it will cause your integrity online. You may want to check one of the most popular and efficient auction sites online http://www.swoped.com. Other avenues include Craigslist, local newspaper for your classified ad and many more options to sell.

Trade- In. Some makers of electronic items can have sites for trade-ins. Examples of these are Kodak and HP. Old electronic items like printers, digital cameras can be swapped in. They usually give a shipping label and will send you a check when it gets the item. They also suggest other options like recycling; take the case of Nokia for old batteries and cell phones.

There are plenty of ways to get rid of our excess stuff which are economical. Once we cleared up the clutter, it will bring us other opportunities and good vibes.

Ian Valenzon
Go To Website: http://www.swoped.com/

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